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Our History

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Established in 1984

Ever since he was a child Matt Burstein has had a fascination with taking things apart to see what "makes them tick" and discover why some things work so well and others do not.  He attributes his inquisitiveness, love of tools and all things mechanical to his father Isaak, who throughout Matt's life took every opportunity to show him the inner workings of all manner of things as well as how to approach repairing these objects with patience and  meticulous precision.

Matt began his career as a Furniture Designer and Fine Furniture maker after getting his BA in fine arts in 1980. He went on to work for various custom cabinetry and custom furniture workshops in the Boston area before following his passion for conservation and restoration of fine antique furniture.

Matt established Burma Design Antique Restoration and Conservation at the age of 27 and has never lost his passion for fine art and antiques to this day.

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